MESSAGE from CMD, Antrix Corporation Limited

With the advent of new space,many start-ups have entered space commerce in India which probably mark the start of a new chapter in the Indian Space programme. Antrix has been working with Indian industry to exploit the strength of ISRO and build a strong space industry which will serve to meet ISRO’s needs of the future as well as establish Indian space companies who can compete in the international arena. In this context, FICCI’s proposed conference on “Indian Space Programme: Trends & Opportunities for Industry” is a welcome move and will help in providing necessary impetus in the growth of space commerce in India.

This conference aims to make Indian industries aware of the capabilities of Indian space programme as well as space programmes of various other space agencies and companies around the world. The conference also aims to expose the Indian industries to the opportunities that future space provides and encourage investments in the sector. ANTRIX being a Platinum Sponsor of this event aims to make use of this platform in our endeavour to engage Indian space industries as well as other companies around the world to build a strong space eco-system in India.

I take this opportunity to wish this conference all success. I am sure, this will pave way for a major growth in space industry and Space Commerce in India.

Rakesh S.